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Save hours spent reading earnings call transcript. 10x increase your equity research productivity.
Summarize earnings call insights into Guidance, Strategic Updates, Risk and Tweet.
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Testimonials from our users

EarningsDigest gives me back more time and helps me earn credibility! I have always invested a lot of time deeply researching my clients businesses to enable me to have more strategic conversations and understand the business problems they are trying to solve. My strength has never been analyzing earnings reports/calls. When I discovered EarningsDigest, I felt like I struck gold. It is like having a little CFO/CEO bot in my pocket that I can quickly ask relevant questions to inform me of company trends, priorities, and business challenges.

RaeleneRaeleneCustomer Success Manager

EarningsDigest is a fantastic tool to quickly discern key facts and strategic highlights from company earnings. Using it has made it significantly easier to monitor many companies at once.

testimonialEmilyStrategic Finance at Consumer Tech Startup